Citadel Minecraft Server  —from Canada!

Our new server domain :

We are looking for players who are able to help me "poptui" to create  Custom map that is very adventurous! We need players who are mature and know how to build and do redstone! Here are the requirments:

  • Must be 10 years of age or older.
  • Must submit 3 pictures of your building works.
  • Must take quality time building the Adventure/custom map.

We also require a application in order to join the build. Here is the application:


In-Game name:


How long have you been on the server?

Pictures of your work?

Are you able to take your time and effort in order to help us?


Copy and paste this in a email or message to our admins and see if you will be accepted!


We will be updating to the new Snapshot in order for our Custom map to be built!!!

If you want to get the new snapshot here is where you can download it:

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