Citadel Minecraft Server  —from Canada!

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  • hohoho,randomly riding!!!!
    hohoho,randomly riding!!!!

HEY GUYS! This is LOLShawnLOL, our server may move to other place in Aug, we will get faster upload speed! Btw , I m in China now, so my internet is not so good, some websites are blocked, please email me if u have any question.

Our map gonna change ,the custom map need ur help, I decide to make a new world for ppl who enjoy building!

Welcome to the citadelmc server website! In this description we will cover things like the different levels of players, what they can and cannot do, jobs, and our plugins.


Welcome to the sever!!  When you first join the server you will are called a new comer this mean that you can………….

Buy items from other player’s showcases

Create you own buy showcase (a showcase where people sell blocks to you)

Get a job

Make personal doors and chests

Shoot fire arrows

Buy and sell regions

Join factions

Make invisible switches or buttons

Pay games in the Casino

Participate in our server’s lottery

Make a personal portal (for example one from your house to spawn or the wilderness)


Your apart of the citadelmc Family now! You can do everything a newcomer now and more! Like……….

Mobrider (have you ever wanted to ride a Zombie??? Well now is your chance!) quick tip you can use a fishing rod to control the mod you have saddled 

When you die all hope is not lost. If you type /back you will return to where you died

You can make your own sell showcase (make your own shop)

And last but no least slow arrow! You can now shoot a slow potion arrow to slow down you enemies.


Welcome to the next step up!

You are now a part of your factions economy

Can sell and rent regions to other players

Movecraft ( fly your own hot air balloon

Extraflight (fly your was around citadelmc!)

And you get a range of special arrows like

The teleport arrow

Health arrow

The water arrow (places a block of water where it lands

Sap arrow (suck the life out of your enemies)


Welcome to the elite group of V.I.P’s  on the server!

Mobdisguise (you can look like any mob you want0

Access to all arrows in moarrow and magic arrow

You can claim unclaimed land for yourself 

become the king of your own faction!

And you get 50% off enchanted tools when you buy them off of MrChinesenoodle!

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